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can't load lightning calendar

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can't load lightning calendar

I get this error when trying to install the lightning (Calendar) add-on.

Script: resource:///modules/XPIProvider.jsm:1043

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are you installing

from the Thunderbird add on manager of from a download of lightning? Also which version of Thunderbird?

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lightning 1.4

I have the same problem (Script: resource:///modules/XPIProvider.jsm:1043)
I use the add on manager or the download of lightning the result is the same
I use thunderbird 12.0.1

Ken Herbert
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The biggest problem I see

The biggest problem I see here is that searching my system which has both a local install and a portable install of Thunderbird I can't find a file called XPIProvider.jsm, or even a module directory, in either install.

Not even Firefox has these files. However an install of TorBrowser and an install of PaleMoon both have XPIProvider.jsm, and both of which haven't been updated in a while.

This kind of leads me to think that this file used to be a part of Thunderbird but no longer is, and something about your install is broken. Can you please try installing TBPortable to another directory, and then try to install Lightning in the new install? If it works, problem solved, and all you have to do is migrate your profile.

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run on usb stick or?

try to copy whole folder with thunderbird to local drive and try the install again.

I had many issues with lightning when tried to install it to portable drive, all went OK when installing on local drive copy and later I put the copy back to the stick. Then it works.

Otto Sykora
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Copy to local drive
Copy to the stick

Good idea and easy
Thank you

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