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SQL Query Tool - Any Recommendations ?

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SQL Query Tool - Any Recommendations ?


Can anyone recommend a:

open source
and preferably portable

SQL Query tool that can connect to ideally:

SQL Server

I understand that true portability will be limited as the middleware and configuration will have to be on the desktop, but it would be nice to just plug and play in the same way that I do with my other apps.


Rob Loach
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Nice Tool

An SQL Query tool would be a nice thing to have. I'm currently only using Visual Studio 2005's SQL stuff.

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Java based:
they have a free version, works very well

works fine with my JRE installed on usb mem

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What I usually do for MySQL

What I usually do for MySQL is (from my MySQL installation on my machine) copy mysql.exe from MySQL\bin and run it through a batch file:

mysql -h{host} -u{root} -p{password}

Not sure about Oracle or SQL Server, but this is what I use for MySQL.

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AquaFold gives me much more that I was looking for !
portable, free and LOTS of features !!!!

GadgetGirl (not verified)

My personal favorite, and one that is always on my USB drive is SquirrelSQL ( It is a Java app that will connect to most every RDBMS that has a JDBC driver. The one minor "gotcha" is that you may need a portable copy of the Java JRE, which isn't hard to do. SquirrelSQL comes with both *nix and win32 startup scripts that can be modified slightly to keep the program settings confined to your USB drive, and set a path to the Java JRE on your USB drive.

For example, I made the following change to the squirrel-sql.bat file:
SET TMP_PARMS=--log-config-file "%SQUIRREL_SQL_HOME%\" --squirrel-home "%SQUIRREL_SQL_HOME%" %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9


SET TMP_PARMS=--user-settings-dir "%SQUIRREL_SQL_HOME%\.squirrel-sql" --log-config-file "%SQUIRREL_SQL_HOME%\" --squirrel-home "%SQUIRREL_SQL_HOME%" %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

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Portable JAVA JRE????????

Could you possibly tell me how you got JAVA to be protable???? In my testing, John's and most of the users on this forums, Java cannot be made portable because of the registry entries it needs to function.

Would be an interesting thing to know, if you don't mind...


"Portable Software: Just the beginning..."

Portable Software: Just the beginning.

John T. Haller
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It can

You just have to point it to the right files. It can work fine with JARs. Just not with something like Portable Firefox.

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GadgetGirl (not verified)

It's true that that you need registry settings to allow things like the Java plugin for browsers to work. However, the java executable and the supporting files are portable if invoked from a command line or batch/shell script. So, for things like the SquirrelSQL startup script, you can reference your JDK dir on your usb drive, make sure the classpath is set to include the correct jars, and it is portable.

In my first post, I mentioned the JRE... Typically, I only ever include a copy of the JDK directory on my USB drive. I'm not sure if making copies of the JRE directory on your USB drive will work just as well, but I don't see why not. The java executable from the JRE or JDK should run fine from the USB drive from the command line or from a batch/shell script.

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