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Is there a widely recommended USB stick to run Firefox Portable on?

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Is there a widely recommended USB stick to run Firefox Portable on?

First off I'd like to say that I'm a huge fan of what you're doing here. Crappy Windows installers have irritated me for years, and I find the fairly recent surge of self-contained and completely portable applications to be extraordinarily refreshing. Taking Firefox with me has been a real dream -- I'm one of those antsy types who doesn't trust online bookmarking sites and as a result have spent a pretty good deal of time trying to maintain some level of Firefox synchronization between the computers I use. So for me, this rocks.

However, I think I need some help picking out a "portable application-friendly" USB stick. I currently rock the adorable, ultra-tiny Kingmax 1GB Flash Drive. I don't think it ever claimed to be the fastest USB stick on the market, but it has other redeeming qualities (photo courtesy of Truex, SA forums). Anyway, I've been having a terrible time getting Firefox Portable to run well on this thing. It's really jerky, to the point that it's borderline unusable for me. I have history disabled, I uninstalled all my extensions, and finally backed-up and formatted the drive to try it again with an unmodified straight-out-the-box install of FFP. Same jerky hard-to-navigate crap everytime. My customized copy of FFP runs absolutely flawlessly from the local hard drive, but I would really like to be able to run it directly from my USB stick. I like taking it to work to use on the "public" computers here in the office that several employees have access to, but I'm pretty sure that if I had to copy FFP from the stick to the local disk everyday and back at the end, I'd wind up going off and leaving private data at one point or another.

So that's my long-winded way of asking if there's a ridiculously fast USB stick that anyone would recommend as being "FFP friendly". Something with a retractable connector would be nice, I have a habit of losing those stinkin' caps. Do any USB sticks manage to run FFP exactly true to hard drive performance? Or can someone with a discerning eye still pick out hiccups on even the fastest of media?

Thanks so much for the help, it's appreciated!

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After a bit of research, I found the Cruzer Titanium. Appears to be pretty fast. Got a 9 out of 10 from C|NET Reviews.
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