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Bugs I found in 3.04

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Bugs I found in 3.04

Bugs I recently found:

click rules tab at top of screen

click add (+ at top of screen) when there is nothing defined below


Can't delete items from Rules if just one side of a line is selected. I have to select (click/hold/drag) type and rule (full line) then click the "-" to remove.

Also I can't add a rule? I don't get the "add rule" dialog? It adds but I can't actually set a location or such. Tried double clicking but I don't get any option on the Rule column itself. On the type I do get a pull down and can change that to a different type.

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Old version

Toucan is currently at version 3.1 Pre-Release 11 in which many bugs of 3.04 are already fixed. You might want to check that one out.
You can find it here.

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