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Portable Prezi Destktop

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Portable Prezi Destktop

Is there a way to make the Prezi Desktop Portable??

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Is there a way you could tell us what it is? Where one gets it? What license is it?

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Prezi Desktop is commercial

Prezi is a new way of creating presentations, that's essentially one large poster, of which you can only see a portion of it at a time. You can set anchors in different locations, and at different zooms and angles, so that when you run the presentation, the view pans, turns and zooms in the path and sequence that you have set. You can also manually pan, rotate and zoom during a presentation. You can add text, links, images, and possibly video anywhere on the page.
It's very cool, but it has complications that make is less than ideal:
- It uses Flash, which of course requires that Flash be installed locally.
- It has a complicated licensing structure, which does have a free version, but only for Prezis created ONLINE. There are two higher paid tiers, that then will allow you to use the Prezi Desktop app. And everything requires you to register with their websites.

There are some open-source alternatives being developed, although I'm not sure how active they are. A few work directly with Inkscape, and the Presentation they create is a big SVG file, so these might be good candidates for PAs.
- Sozi
- Dizzy
and one that was recently started (last month)
- Awwation

Awwation is also accompanied by a blog that describes making a Prezi clone in javascript, svg and HTML5:

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Hi, Please try Academic

Hi, Please try Academic Presenter as well. It is a free Prezi-like (slide-based + canvas-based) presentation software but offline. You don't need to be connected to internet always to present your work. There are several tutorial video on Youtube.

Download Link from CNet:
Official Website:
Youtube Channel:

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