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Feature Request: disable "Start Automatically" for a single launch

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Feature Request: disable "Start Automatically" for a single launch

I use the "Start Automatically" feature for a hand-full of apps, and find it extremely useful. However, I occasionally want to be able to open the Platform WITHOUT running all my apps set to start automatically.
Some reasons I want this:
I accidentally closed the platform, so all the apps that would launch automatically are already running.
Need quick access to only a few apps, but don't want to wait for (and have to manually close) all the auto-start apps.

I think this could be accomplished with holding a key while launching the Platform; "Shift" would make sense to me.

Bruce Huber
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9 times out of 10 "Start Automatically" is lovely

It's just that 1 time out of the 10 that I really wish I could skip having the selected apps start up when the Platform does.

And I like the choice of holding the [Shift] key down when launching the Platform to override the normal operation.

Adding a vote for this feature request...

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I also would like this feature!

As a workaround I use CloseAll from NTWind Software. CloseAll is also portable!

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