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Thunderbird Portable on Ubuntu Linux (through wine) - Open link.

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Thunderbird Portable on Ubuntu Linux (through wine) - Open link.

Dear users,

I'd like to refer to the possibility to open the URLs contained in the text of e-mails, making a clic on these to directly open the browser.

A lot has been already discussed in this Forum, and I understood that it isn't possible to do this, due to the property of PortableApps to preserve the privacy and not to leave traces on the pc.

Anyway, I found a comfortable way to quickly open the links, in Windows: I simply drag the link from the window of the e-mail (in Thunderbird) to the window of Firefox, and the link opens. So I did all these months, with satisfaction. Smile

But often I use Thunderbird also on Ubuntu Linux, through Wine, and I noticed that here the method above doesn't work. When I try to drag the link to Firefox, the cursor shows the "access denied" symbol...

What can I do? Dragging operation is so comfortable.

Thank you!