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[Solved] Getting Geany to compile simple C program...

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[Solved] Getting Geany to compile simple C program...


I don't regret making this post, because it helped me notice something that I then tried, and it worked.

Instead of: @Drive:\PortableApps\CommonFiles\MinGW\bin
I used: @Drive\PortableApps\CommonFiles\MinGW\bin

That is, there is no ':' (colon) after the "@Drive"

My program compiles now. Hope this is helpful to others!

*****Original message*****

>A while back I installed GeanyPortable and MinGW portable on a thumb
>drive. Without any other setup, I was able to compile and execute
>simple ("Hello World") programs.
>A while later, I deleted the apps from that disk (it was too small for
>all my apps, so I use the drive for file storage, now) and reinstalled
>all of my apps onto a larger-capacity thumb drive. I have Geany and
>MinGW installed on the new drive, but I can't compile simple C programs
>anymore. I get a "Process failed (create process failed)" error. I've
>googled that and tried many different solutions, but can't get it to
>Here's what I've tried:
>-Uninstalling and reinstalling GeanyPortable.
>-Adding the path @Drive:\PortableApps\CommonFiles\MinGW\bin to
>PathAdditions entry in GeanyPortable.ini
>-Copying GeanyPortable.ini into the main directory of GeanyPortable.exe
>I've also tried a few other somewhat bogus things that aren't worth
>mentioning (they didn't work, either).
>All I need is the ability to compile a program that uses "printf()"
>-- nothing spectacular.