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TB stops downloading messages during session; requires pc reboot

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TB stops downloading messages during session; requires pc reboot

I apologize if this topic has been covered, but I couldn't find it. When I cold boot the pc, I have TB set to autostart. It is also set to download messages automatically when started. The initial download works fine. For a while after that (an hour?)it continues to download automatically and manually on demand. Then it no longer will download messages queued on the gmail server. Curiously, it will send newly created outgoing messages through gmail smtp, even after it stops downloading messages from the gmail POP server.

Closing TB and restarting does not help. I must reboot the machine (a warm boot works), but only for another hour or so, and the behavior repoeats.

OS is Win7 64-bit. I also have Portable Sunbird running. TB version is 12.0.1.

Oh, this problem started showing up just a few weeks ago. I have been using Portable TB for years with no problems and on this machine for one year.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this problem only exists on the above-described Lenovo tower computer. When I move the SD card to my laptop (Win7, 32-bit), the problem disappears. Could the problem be add-ons and extensions shared with Firefox on the desktop that are not loaded on the laptop? Are there known conflicts/incompatibilities?

Does anyone have a clue about this problem? It's a real pain. Thanks.

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Can't guarantee this is the issue but

check the power management settings on the offending PC.

If it is set to power down storage devices after a period this may cause the issue (but whether the SD card reader is affected by these settings, I honestly can't tell you).

It also may have nothing to do with the issue, but it is worth checking.

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