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LibreOfficePortable 3.5.3 Running very very slow.

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LibreOfficePortable 3.5.3 Running very very slow.

I updated LibreOffice to the latest version 3.5.3. Aside from the notice that MS Visual C++ 2008 runtime is not installed (when it actually is) LibreOffice runs unacceptably slow for some reason. It takes 10-12 seconds for the drop down menus to actually drop down. Load and start can take 2-3 minutes. Loading a document can take as long. No problem before 3.5.3. LibreOffice in this version is unusable. Discarded/uninstalled. Trying to decide how I can get back to previous version or maybe back to OpenOffice. My system is XP SP3, 1.6mhz clock speed, 2gig ram. Libre was on sandisk 16gig thumb drive. All other apps working fine. Previous version of LibreOffice worked fine on same USB drive.

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Sometimes in updating things

Sometimes in updating things can be affected for no particular reason and in no way that can be preempted or handled. All I can suggest is to try a fresh installation.

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