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[Fixed] KVIrc Portable 4.0.4 Rev 2

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[Fixed] KVIrc Portable 4.0.4 Rev 2

Still recognised a bug in KVIrc. It's really quite stable but when i look for the log files via the menu bar > Tools > Browse Log Files and going a bit through, it crushed in a moment. But it opened and i can browse the logs a while.....

Hint: The log files are very big, it's from a whole day 24/7 chatted record!

Thanks a lot for your work.

Chris Morgan
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Base app

By the sound of it, you are experiencing the crash in KVIrc itself, not in the portion of KVIrc. You're more likely to find support from the KVIrc team than us on this matter; they're the ones that made it. We just make it portable.

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Last seen: 11 years 9 months ago
Joined: 2012-05-22 02:13
The crash in KVIrc itself

Hey Chris!

Thats exactly the problem. I used KVIrc for about 4 years of the original installer, then changed to the portable version. Now used the portable version for 1 month and i recognised this crash occured. There is no exception to it, it allways happend when i start to browse the logs! But only in the portable version!

Sorry written it a bit ambiguous.


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John T. Haller
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I can't reproduce this on the current release, so it should be working as 4.2.0 was a good rewrite. If you still experience the issue, try running it from a local hard drive. If that works, then it just has issues with a slower drive (like a flash drive).

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