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Questions about runtime

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Questions about runtime

I've noticed that the new LibreOffice launcher offers to install the runtime when necessary, but I have a couple questions about how this works.
1.) Does this require admin rights? (I'm assuming yes, but I just want to make sure since I don't have a machine I can safely test this on.)
2.) If yes, are there any plans to implement this so that the runtime can be handled without needing admin rights?
Needing to have admin rights to run an app like LibreOffice really defeats the point of having it portable for me. Any computer that I would encounter that would require the runtime install is one that I'm not allowed to install things on.

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Yes, it needs admin rights. No, there is currently no other way to do this due to the way LibreOffice instantiates the Visual C++ runtime. Our standard methods of portablizing it do not work with LibreOffice when the local machine has no VC runtime 2008 at all installed on it. But, this only affects a small number of PCs that don't have it already installed (generally outdated Windows XP boxes).

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That figures...

Fortunately, I recently realized that I can completely avoid the computers that don't have the runtime installed.
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i got one

I have one of the XP systems in question. My copy of LibOffice 3.5.4 produces an error "exception in msvcr90.dll at offset 0002e9f4". A quick "dir msvcr90.dll /s" on both c: and d:(flash drive) showed no copies of it on the system. Where can I find and install this miraculous thing ? A try of LibreOfficePortable.exe launcher fix 2 did not improve the problem. The portable apps system is up to date.

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I use Windows 7. I have did all updates. On this machine LibreOffice portable (latest stable) asks always on startup about "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime". But I don't install it. LibreOffice worked perfect until now even I answer it this question as "No".

1) How can I disable this question? I don't wanna see it everytime when I open the LibreOffice.

2) Which features will be disabled if I will not install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime"?

Thank you!

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portable liberOffice Error while lunching application.

iam using windows xp iam using portable liberOffice version for base it was woking well but since one week i have an error. as fallows
Another instance of liberOffice is starting,please wait for start before launching it again. can you give me any solution for my problem.
md chotey.

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