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Bit Torrent for Firefox? Or portable?

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Bit Torrent for Firefox? Or portable?

Im in college so i have a lot of web access but im not allowed to install anything so anything i use has to be portable or on my portable firefox. I have lots of free time so i want to be able to download huge things with bit torrent, how do i work this out? is there a portable?

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I don't mean to be rude when I say, please search before posting. This topic has been posted many times before.
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firefox maybe

Well I'm now trying out the allpeers extension for Firefox. You could try this. Here's the link...

I'm not sure how it works. I don't even have to set port #'s. It advirtises that it is invisible to a network, but I'm not sure if it is true. anyway Mozilla seems to kinda endorse it so its safe.

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allpeers is a p2p system where only people on your "buddy list" can acess files you host. The hosting is only of the locations of the files on your computer. You have to keep firefox open when your friends download the files. It works great as far as i can tell. Give it a try.

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