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how do i make a theme on newest portable app?

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how do i make a theme on newest portable app?

i was wondering if there is a way to make my own theme? i had a old portable app and i had made a theme and changed a lot of things. i just started over with the newest one and i have no idea how to make a theme anymore. can anyone help me out? i searched but the few things i could find where for older versions.

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The current version of the platform does not

The current version of the platform does not support custom themes.
I believe that custom themes will be re-introduced in a future... version, but there is currently no ETA on that.
It is possible to force some of the older themes to work on this version, but doing so will cause an annoying error message to open up whenever you access the Options in the platform.


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You just have to place theme

You just have to place theme files in the Data\theme folder.

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Smart solution proposal

This error can be avoided! I just run my own theme without any error.
That's how I did it:

- Create a copy of folder ... PortableApps\\App\Graphics
- Rename the old one (like Graphics_standard f.e.)
- Choose one of the existing themes (classic dark f.e.) and replace the
background files in ...\PortableApps\\App\Graphics
\Chrome by yours. You need to choose the standard name (classic dark f.e.)
- For other changes you need to replace files in folders like
- After all you can load your theme using the option dialog in the PAP menu. Choose the theme you replaced the the files in.
- For rollback just rename the Graphics_standard folder back to Graphics and load your theme.

This is just a work-around but with one advantage. If the new cutom theming is available your theme already holds the current structure including all necessary files.

At least it's just a proposal!

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