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U3 drive migration

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U3 drive migration

I would like to move my pc based profile to an u3 drive. When I open the u3 drive, i dont even see any referencer to the portable app running on it. As such I dont know where to my my profile to!!! So the question is, how do you move a pc based profile to the u3 version of thunderbird???

Last seen: 17 years 4 months ago
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First you need to set up

First you need to set up your computer to see hidden folders, to do this:
1. Go to Control Panel in Start
2. Switch to classic view if your not in it already and open folder options
3. Go to view tab and under hidden files and folders check show hidden files and folders

Now when navigating through your drive you should see a system folder open that and apps and that brings you to all of the programs that you have installed on your drive find the one that contains thunderbird. Click data, and there's the profile folder.

Now you should be able to just copy your other profile folder from your other thunderbird version to this, not entirely sure if that will work but I was able to transfer my profile from my other portable thunderbird instance into the u3 and everything worked fine.

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