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is it me or rather my machine or is rather bug-ridden?
It crashes on pdf-export, crashes from time to time for no specific reason, sometimes won't open, sometimes tries to restore a file for no reason (no crash beforehand, will not happen if file is opened by OO).
I don't get it. I run OO port. (3.2) along with LO port, right now I'm using OO because of the bugs.
LO 3.4 (I think) ran without much incidents.
A clean install does not help, still the same glitches.
I'm not complaining, LO is a great piece of software, but is this me or is the current version a little under the weather?


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Probably base app problems

I have also had some problems with, but with installed version. For instance, one very simple spreadsheet keeps crashing it for no obvious reasons.
I, too, got restore dialogs without a crash.
As for 3.4 series, it had some serious bugs too, but most of them were not visible for most of the users.
I hope 3.5.4 ("installable" version already available) will be more stable.

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