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Is there a portable nx-client?

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Is there a portable nx-client?

I would like to use a nx-client on a usb-stick. Is there a portable app whick works on an usb-stick? The client from needs admin-rights for the installation.

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Yep there is, at

Yep there is, at it's called qsclient. It also includes Putty, Scp, and a few other protocols. You have to install it properly on Windows first, then run it. It brings up an icon in the system tray. Right click that and choose install, then nx-client. Once you have done that, just copy the whole install directory onto your disk. There is an option when you rightclick it to install to a flashdisk, but I have not used it - perhaps that is a better way to run it...

Whole installation including the optional nxclient is about 16mb I seem to remember!

I registered just to tell you this btw - it took me ages to find this when I needed it!


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