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404 error from main D/L page

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404 error from main D/L page

Hi all,

I just have 3-4 quick questions if you please?

D/L'ing LO which goes okay!

But under the download link it has:
Bug Fix: Visual C runtime warning even once installed
which is link of: Bug Fix: Visual C runtime warning even once installed
But when clicking that link - it gives a Page Not Found (404 Error)!
Is this something to be concerned about??

I am trying to install this program on a fairly new Windows 7 X64 Laptop (I run all my pgms from my hard disk drive!!), that already has LO LibreOffice 3.4.4 OOO340m1 (Build:402) on it.
Is the above as from site??

Can jPortable 7 Update 4.1 be used with any earlier version of LO?

Why is there not a true list of what the updates are in each portable version of the Program on the web site??

Lastly - am I okay doing a install directly over my 'older' version of LO or shud I delete all from 'older' version before installing

Tnx a bunch!
Sue, ;>)

Chris Morgan
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The link should have been to I've fixed it now.

I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

Ken Herbert
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Can answer some of your questions...

1) That link is incorrect, the real link is here.

2) The version of LO pre-installed on your new laptop would not be the PortableApps version, it would be the base version of LO from the official website. Easy way to check is start it up. If the splash screen says anything about, you've got the portable version, otherwise you have the base version.

3) More than likely jPortable 7u4.1 will work with earlier versions. Java is generally developed with backwards compatibility in mind.

4) There is no changelog because for the most part there are little to no changes in the portability side of the app from one portable version to the next. You can always check the site of the developer for any changelogs for the apps themselves.

5) Being that what you have installed will more than likely be the base app, not the portable version, they aren't really compatible installation-wise as PortableApps have a specific folder structure beyond what the base app may have. While it would probably work, all it would do is give you two different installations of LO in the same place. Also, if it is installed in Program Files (the most likely place for it to be), you can't install the PortableApps version to that folder as some PortableApps are broken by installing here, and the installer for it won't even let you install there.

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