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Wings3D Portable -- Think I can get it working pretty easy

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Wings3D Portable -- Think I can get it working pretty easy

Hey community,

I've been able to get Wings3D (an amazing 3D modelling package found at to fully run on my USB drive with no connection to the underlying OS, EXCEPT for a single .ini file that contains 2 absolute paths to folders in the application (all the way from the drive root).

Obviously, by simply editing the .ini the app will run, but each time it is ran, the .ini file has to somehow be edited to be pointed to the correct directory.

This is my first attempt at creating a portable app, can the portable app template handle this kind of replacement in an .ini file?

From what I take it, when you run an app from this site, actually you're running the launcher. The launcher looks at where the USB drive is currently running and updates the underlying application's .ini files and then actually starts the app, correct?

If so, do I need to compile the .exe myself for the launcher?

I've read the beginners guide on the site and it doesn't go into this kind of detail...any help is appreciated.


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Welcome to portable apps.

Yes, u have to compile it ur self. Link ont workin.
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The link isn't working? Its working fine for me, I just checked it again...are you sure your connection isn't just messed-up?

So basically, the "launchers" used on this site are really .exe's created by an installer system? Why not just create the launcher in a language more widely used for applications like Java, C or Python? Even UNIX distributions can now even run .NET. Those all could handle the concept of a launcher, they're available on just about every platform, and I guarantee their developer bases are WAY larger than nsis.

I don't have time to learn another language (especially one as obscure as this), maybe this isn't a good idea...

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But NSIS is simple to learn and much less code is envolved. I think (don't quote me on this) NSIS converts the code to C or C++ anyway.
It would be really simple to do that.
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Simply edit the erl.ini file

Simply edit the erl.ini file like so:


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