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Spaces in directory name

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Spaces in directory name

There seems to be a problem with the 3.1 release handling spaces in directory names. I set up a test by creating a folder [[Test Toucan]] on one of my local drives. I then created 3 text files with the names [[Text1]] [[Text2]] and [[Text3]]. I created a Backup Job [[backup toucan1]] with:

Type: Differential
Format: 7-Zip
Compression Level: Default
Backup Location: [PortableApps Thumbdrive]\Documents\Toucan Backups\Test Toucan

When I run this job I get an error of file not found. When I change the name of the source folder to [[Test_Toucan]] and change the location of the source folder in the job it runs with a success. Very worrisome.

Steve Lamerton
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for reporting, I'll take a look.

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