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Searching by keyboard produces weird characters

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Searching by keyboard produces weird characters

If I open PA by hitting ctrl+alt+space and then typing "th" to highlight Thunderbird, it sometimes produces a chinese karacter in place of the "t".

It's not reproducible on demand, but it did happen multiple times today.

My Windows language is English, locale is Dutch, and keyboard is US-international. There are no East-Asian IME's installed on my system. In fact, Dutch+US-int is the only input installed. And I'm using a regular run-of-the-mill US+Euro keyboard.

Since I can't reproduce it on demand (or at least I can't pinpoint the exact steps to do so) it's probably not a very big problem, but I will keep an eye out and post back when I figure out how to reproduce. Unless, of course, someone else can confirm this.

OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1 (non-admin)
PA: version 10.0.1

John T. Haller
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This is already a known issue here:

The workaround for now is to just type / first.

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