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Problems running from CD

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Problems running from CD

I set up Firefox Portable as the instructions stated for running on a CD. I have it being burned to a CD using BartPE ( as the boot environment.

When I boot from this disc, I'm running into two problems:

1. Firefox Portable tells me it won't run from a Read Only drive, however, I thought it was supposed to be able to run from a CD. So, what's going on?

2. If I try to bypass the first issue by copying the Firefox Portable directory onto a hard drive and running it from there, it never comes up. The task manager shows both firefox.exe and firefoxportable.exe processes running, but I don't actually have a window.

For the record, I installed Firefox Portable, ran it, configured it, and added the Flash plugin. When I'm booting from Windows normally, I can run it off the hard drive just fine. But booting from the BartPE CD, I can't get it to run, even when copied onto a hard drive first.

Since the BartPE site offers a Firefox version configured to run, it has to be compatible. But I'm not sure what the problem is.

Any help would be appreciated. Thx!

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BartPE Unsupported

Firefox Portable is meant to run alone or launched from a simple menu. You configure it as laid out in the Support topic and then the launcher handles copying both FF and the profile to a local PC and running it from there. You have to use it in its default directory layouts and launch it with FirefoxPortable.exe.

There is no support for embedding it in a hacked Windows install (ala BartPE).

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