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Chrome open loca file from root

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Chrome open loca file from root


I have a javascript application which is used only locally (not over internet). It works best with Chrome.

I'm looking for a way to make it easy for a non-tech client to open my application in Chrome. Here is the ideal situation:

I give the client a folder. Inside this folder there is a icon to open Chrome and a folder named "files" with all the data files inside. When client double clicks on the Chrome icon, Chrome launches and displays the file called "index.html" from the "files" folder.

I know how to change the default home page of Chrome. But I'm stuck trying to make a reference to the root folder of my Chrome installation. I would not like to make file paths with drive letters, since these might vary from client to client.

Is it possible to simply tell Chrome portable to open a file from within it's own root folder?