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A Couple of Feature Requests

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A Couple of Feature Requests


Would be nice to have the following two features:

1) Ability to install portable apps in a sub directory under \PortableApps (I would like to be able to differentiate between native and other portable apps I downloaded elsewhere)

2) In the launcher, it would be nice if you could see which actual file the shortcut is pointing at


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Actually, I'd appreciate these additions to the platform, for those custom apps require manual maintenance and therefore isolating them in a new folder could simplify telling them apart.

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Bump +2! If like this too.

Bump +2!

If like this too. Perhaps the menu could scan only subfolders without the word Portable. That way it could scan any named folder or folders the user wwanted to add. Alsoit should only scan until it finds an exe in the path. For example, you create a folder to contain non PA apps where apps are all placed in their respective folders. Certain apps contain exe which are used by the main app but obviously aren't needed in the menu. So when the menu scans the users app folder, it only goes as deep as necessary til it finds the top most lever containing exe.

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No Deeper Folders

We won't be having the platform scan deeper folders for apps as it will just slow down the detection process. You'll soon be able to manually add shortcuts if you really want to place apps in specific locations. Not that apps in these locations won't work with the PA.c Updater, of course.

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Feature Requests

1. Add an option to shut down the paf platform and all opened paf apps, or allow the eject button to shut down all apps before it ejects the drive.

2. Add a buttons to shut down and restart the pc.(Will be very handy with windows 8 )

3. We want some windows 8 themes please. (make the platform look like it belongs in windows 8 Smile ).

4. Improve the look of the search bar, its presently very ugly. Make it look more like the search in windows 7 start menu.

5. Add an option within the platform for us to be able to toggle if we want to auto start the platform with windows or not. (that's for those of us using the platform from a hard drive on our pc.)

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Feature Requests

Good idea add every idea possible

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For number 5 just make a

For number 5 just make a shortcut in your startup folder to "X:\Start.exe" of course change the drive letter if you don't have it installed to drive Secret like I do. With such an easy setup on user side for a feature the system was not designed to be used with as it was designed to be used with a removable drive not an internal one, it really is just a waste of the devs time to put something like that in.

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