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Minor bugs I noticed

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Minor bugs I noticed

hi all,

There is a list of bugs/disfunction, but nothing huge, that are still not solved:

  • Multiple instances of PortableAppsPlatform.exe: If you launch twice the platform, only one is 'completely' loaded and you can see in the Task manager that there are two instances of the PA Platform, the first one takes about 8MB of memory and the second is about only 1MB.
    If, then, you close the PA Platform, the second instance (of 1MB) is still active (visible in the Task manager) so if you try to launch the platform again, then nothing will happen and the Platform won't start.
  • Text overflow in the Options window: Try other languages then English (french for exemple) to see the text next to checkboxes, radio and lists cut off.
  • Click management: Since drag and drop is not supported, why not passing the click events to 'MouseUp'..? Try some 'drag and drop' to see what's going on.

Hope this will help you guys make it even better.