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LimeWire Portable

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LimeWire Portable

You should develop a portable version of the open-source cross platform program LimeWire. They're offering $100 in money to anyone who completes this task.

Ryan McCue
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Well what do you know,

They are!
The discussion seems to be going on here, however they are using the wrong sort of approach.
You know, John, this would be a good offer for you. *hint hint* Wink
The project is registered at on SourceForge.
Anyone here know Java programming?
I am willing to help out here, because I would love to see it portable, and so would many of my friends.
In fact, I'm going to start writing now. They list what must be done here.
R McCue
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I agree.

I think they are approaching it all wrong, too.
They should try another type of filesharing. Torrent. Then they would already have a portable version to test... :evil:



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