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[Closed] IrfanviewPortable leaves uninstall registry key behind

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[Closed] IrfanviewPortable leaves uninstall registry key behind

OS: Win7/64
Version: IrfanViewPortable_4.33.paf.exe

Leaves behind:

i already fixed this on my version.. but wanted to let you guys know so the official version may be fixed as well.


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Gord Caswell
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Not created

That key isn't created by the portable app - did you have it installed locally, maybe?

John T. Haller
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Can't Reproduce

As Magibon hasn't responded to Gord's question above and, in my testing, no key is created on Windows 7 x64 in the location specified, I'm going to close this bug. If Magibon replies or anyone else experiences this, we can always re-open it.

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