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Can portable apps be converted for a u3 usb stick?

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Can portable apps be converted for a u3 usb stick?

with u3 there is a launch window for all my installed apps and it would be great to have any of my portable apps in there with the rest of them.
Can they easliy be converted to do this?


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search before you poste

Concerning U3:
There is no need to convert anything. Portable Apps run just like that, copy the folder wherever you want and run the §appname§portable.exe. So the only thing to do to run your PortableApp with U3 is to either use something like
to create a shortcut in the U3Launcher menu
or you use PStart.
I use Pstart and Im happy with it.I tried the u3 shortcut creator but I have Pstart working and Im too lazy creating approx.20 shortcuts...;-)
You find PStart here:

There is a download for Pstart for u3 so your U3Launcher launches PStart.

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