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Scan/Repair disk Error when I plug in

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Scan/Repair disk Error when I plug in

I've been having some real issues with my portable apps. Every other time I put the USB in it says that my drive has errors on it. I've tried reinstalling it, uninstalling it, and now reformatting then installing.

It might just be a crappy flash drive but I'm bummed anyway. Anyone else having similar problems?

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I have often seen that error

I have often seen that error message.
I know there is nothing wrong with the drive and my computer.
I just ignore the error message. It works fine anyway.

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Only TIme

I see that error is when I do not exit the platform before removing the usb from drive. That is a Windows base error, relevant to the old DOS chkdsk command. I would say run the check and make sure that before you remove the drive to close all apps then the platform

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That's entirely possible.

if it is my own fault it does seem to affect some of my portable apps. Primarily Thunderbird.

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Some apps are more susceptible then others. Things that write often - email (as you read/unread and it indexes messages and compacts mailboxes) and browsers (as they record history, cache certain things, keep track of tabs open/closed, etc) are the most vulnerable to unsafe ejects.

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Have you tried just manually

Have you tried just manually scanning the drive for errors and fixing them when they're detected?

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Scan/Repair disk error when drive is plugged in

Although I use the eject button on the Portable Apps menu, when I plug in the drive on the next time, I get a message stating that the disk has a problem and needs to be fixed. I use the same process everytime although it seems to happen more frequently on a Sandisk 64Gb drive than on other drives I use. Should I use the Windows eject process rather than the PortableApps process?

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