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VLC Plugin for Firefox Portable

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Samuel Elstein
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VLC Plugin for Firefox Portable

Hi I would like to request portabalizing the settings for the VLC Plugin. I have found a way to make the plugin work portably but it leaves information behind. I am no programmer but I do know that thie method below works.

Here is How I got it to work:

VLC 2.0 can be done, prior versions no
You will however need to copy the folders from vlc to X:/PortableApps/FirefoxPortable/data/plugins:


and the files:


I've tested this after uninstalling VLC and it works!
As I've said this only seems to work with VLC 2.0 and up.
I do not know if any information is left behind when using the plugin
This almost is like copy the entire vlc install in this firefox plugins folder.

I found this useful so I do not have to rely on Windows Media Player or Quicktime being installed or setup.

Also if VLC dta cannot be portabalized that is fine. But would be nice for MIDI files which require soundfonts. Also the font cache.

I have placed this information I found a while back at but I am not sure if its been noticed.