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Error downloading App via the Platform.

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Error downloading App via the Platform.

I encountered countless errors when trying to download/install TeamViewer via the Platform.

--I kept getting the following message [image:]
The downloaded copy of TeamViewer Portable is not valid and can not be installed. This could be due to an incomplete download or other network issue. Please try running the updater again when complete.

I tried, restarted Platform, tried and tried again and again. I kept getting the same error. A manual download and installation using the installation app feature worked fine.

Note. I never had a problem with the Platform. Downloads/Installations and updates all have worked perfectly. This is the first problem I ever had with it.

For what it is worth
WinXP SP3 Platform: 10.1.2

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Sourceforge mirror

I guess that this is due to either an incomplete copy on the sourceforge mirror the updater/installer used, or something with your commection was bad and it got an incomplete download. Sometimes the incomplete download remains in your internet cache and gets used instead of a new download.

But I am glad it works with the manual install.

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I too am very glad the manual install worked; at the moment I really needed TeamViewer.

I thought I'd let you guys know about the issue.

John T. Haller
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Works Now

I'd wager TeamViewer was redirecting towards the latest version before we'd updated the database. As the new version was 'released' yesterday, it is working as expected.

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