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GIMP 2.8 folder paths won't update drive letter changes

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GIMP 2.8 folder paths won't update drive letter changes

Hello all. I'm curious if anyone else out there is having this issue.

1.) I open/extract the GIMP 2.8 portable package on my desktop
2.) Make some configuration changes (copy fonts, brushes, scripts to the appropriate paths in the child DATA folder.
3.) Test and runs great!
4.) I MOVE the whole app folder to my removable disk drive.
5.) It opens, but now all brushes are missing.
6.) Check the Preferences...Folders...Brushes directory and it is pointing to my local disk Desktop folder.
7.) After playing around with it, I find that if I hit the RESET button at the bottom of the Folder dialog, it will up date the paths to the proper drive letter of my removable drive! I click OK to save.
8.) I click the RESFRESH BRUSHES button in the GIMP interface and it tells me it cannot write to the old Desktop path (it is still reading it from somewhere).
9.) I close completely out and relaunch GIMP and my brushes and settings are correct and available.

Is there something missing here? Shouldn't the drive letter paths update upon launch of GIMP and perform all refreshing upon login without having to perform the RESET and RELAUNCH functions whenever the drive letter changes?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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move vs drive letter change

Back a while, all apps only supported drive letter changes and not path changes. That was because they were mostly used from flash drives where only the letter changes.
Nowadays, people use portable apps from things like Dropbox folders where the path changes. Some apps handle that well, others not (yet). I think GIMP is one of the apps that dont allow it (yet).

EDIT: Looks like GIMP should allow you to move it around. Someone will have to take a closer look.

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Gord Caswell
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should be handled

I'll look into this.

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Thank you!

Let me know if I can help at all.

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