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T'bird/ office proxy/ privacy

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T'bird/ office proxy/ privacy

my office uses a 'proxy' to connect to the internet to keep an eye on what employees browse in the office. this is fine. but what i was wondering was can Thunderbird (used on a pendrive, of course) be used to check personal email without my office being able to see me login to some personal email account, and can they actually read my messages? i mean, T'bird will of course have to connect to the internet through this 'proxy' thing my office uses, right?
appreciate your experience on this...

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Thunderbird will have to

Thunderbird will have to connect through your office's proxy, and no matter what you do they will be able to know where you are connecting to and from if they are looking.

As for whether they can read your mail, it depends on what kind of encryption (if any) your mail server can accept, and what kind of encryption you have set up Thunderbird to use.

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