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U3-autorun: A U3 Launchpad replacement to launch your own applications.

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U3-autorun: A U3 Launchpad replacement to launch your own applications.

I have written an application called U3Autorun that is designed to replace the launchpad code in the U3 partition of U3-enabled flash drives. The application, when run from the U3 partition, performs the following actions:

1) Spawns a copy of itself to a temp folder on the user's hard drive.
2) The copy then scans the root directories of all removable drives
for a file u3-autorun.ini.
3) If it finds this file, it scans it for the name of the executable
to run relative to it.
4) Finding that, it runs the executable.
5) Optionally, it will wait for the executable to finish running and
eject the device it was called from.
6) Finally, it deletes itself.

Thus, it behaves in exactly the same manner as the U3 Launchpad, but it allows the user to select the program to run. It doesn't use a clunky flash interface, nor does it require any kind of funky "u3 format". It frees you to do whatever you want with your drive and run whatever you want. This could be outstanding when combined with something like USB Autostart or Pstart or something similar, because it would allow you to truly run your own start menu transparently from your thumbdrive (just like the U3 Launchpad does, but with your own choice of application).

U3Autorun is fully open source. I have tested it on windows XP systems, and it should also work on NT/2000 systems (and probably 98/ME as well, though I don't have testing systems for these O/Ss).

Obviously, it only works right now if you can flash to the U3 Partition. I believe that limits it to Cruzer drives at this time, but our understanding of how to do this is increasing, and it is my hope that it will increase even further with the release of a fully-featured autorun application like this one.

So, I need some people to download it, use it, and tell me what they think. In particular, I'd be interested to see how it behaves on win2000 systems, and 98/ME systems. It's .NET-independant and programmed with core win32 libraries, so it should work just fine (and has in my testing).

You can download the application here.
...and the U3 Flasher from Cruzer here.

If you're not familiar with this technique, you can read the first document detailing it here. You don't need to set up a fake webserver or anything like that anymore, you can just put the iso in the same directory as LPInstaller.exe and it should work. See my readme.txt for more information.

Happy testing.

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Source online!

The sourceforge project has been approved, and the source code is now online.

Sourceforge page here:

I have updated the links accordingly. Currently, it is published under the MIT license, but this may change to GPL in the futre.

I write teh software.

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Version 0.9.1 out.

If you've already downloaded the software, make sure you upgrade to this version. It fixes a little bug that interfered with the self-delete functionality. It should work perfectly now.

I write teh software.

I write teh software.

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I've download the latest version.
I host the iso file on an apache server.
I changed the host file of my windows client so it can download the iso file
from my apache server.

There is a u3-autorun.inf.samp file that I have to copy to the writable partiton of the u3 disk.
There is a section exefile = , if I enter sol.exe or c:\windows\system32\sol.exe or windows\system32\sol.exe or even if I create a batch file and call it up it doesn't work:-s

When I put the u3 stick in, it just opens the window that contains the files of my u3 stick...

I tried to manualy run the autoplay but nothing happened

Am I doing something wrong?

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Putting the ISO in the same

Putting the ISO in the same directory as LPInstaller doesn't work any more, Sandisk changed the installer.
For sandisk drives, you can find instructions on how to install a custome ISO without using a webserver here..

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