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Creation of a Plugin Installer

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Creation of a Plugin Installer

I tried to create a Plugin installer accordingly the instructions under No. 7 of the Format™ 3.0 (2012-05-11). I have inserted the file plugininstaller.ini in the App\AppInfo directory. Only this file is contained in the App\AppInfo directory. The directory layout only contains the folder App and the appropriate subfolders and the folder Other. The file plugininstaller.ini is identical with the file appinfo.ini of the portable app that the plugin is used. In addition, in the file plugininstaller.ini the entry "PluginName=" is integrated in the section [Details] and the appropriate entries in the section [Version].

As I tried to create the launcher, I got an error message, that the file appinfo.ini doesn't exist in the App\AppInfo directory. But how I described above, only the file plugininstaller.ini should reside in that folder.

What must I do in this situation?