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OpenPuff Portable 4.00 Development Test 1

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OpenPuff Portable 4.00 Development Test 1
  • Application: OpenPuff 4.00
  • License: Freeware
  • Category: Security
  • Description: OpenPuff is a free Steganography and Watermarking software tool created by Cosimo Oliboni. OpenPuff can be used to Watermark photos, images, and pictures. It can also be used to encrypt or hide data in a file. Hidden data or messages can then only be accessed by entering the proper password via OpenPuff.

Permission to portablize:
Hi, surely you can and feel free to send me
any possible feedback or request for making
your work as simple as possible.

"Gagliardi" is an extremely italian lastname and,
as you surely already know, I'm italian too !

If you like my programs you could be interested
in babysitting my other project "multiobfuscator"


Download OpenPuff 4.00 Development Test 1 English.paf.exe[989KB download / 2.44MB installed]
(MD5: 4acc12bf07a4a90bb2a03e02e9166cd8)

Release Notes:

Developement Test 1 (07-12-2012): Initial Release (Re-release?)

  • No known issues
  • Only tested on Windows XP

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Dead Link

The download is broken for this one. Sad

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