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Problem with "Save as" and "Open" in OpenOffice 2.0 Beta 3

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Anonymous (not verified)
Problem with "Save as" and "Open" in OpenOffice 2.0 Beta 3

When I try to "Save", "Save as" or "Open" a new document in any portable OpenOffice application, nothing happens.

I am able to open an existing document from within explorer using "Open with", edit it without trouble and then only "Save" works. Again nothing happens when I select "Save as".

I have installed Portable OpenOffice 2.0 beta 3 for Windows on a USB flash drive. I am working in Win2000 in a non-administrative rights environment.

John T. Haller
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Windows 2000 Issue

There's an issue with Portable OO.o and Windows 2000. It's stated right on the Portable OpenOffice page.

As long as the path to it all doesn't contain spaces (ie you don't have it on your desktop or in Program Files), you can use the beta launcher mentioned here:

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Quark_Green (not verified)
Windows 2000 Issue

Thank you John. I apologise for not noticing the mention of the issue on the Portable OpenOffice page Support section before. I tried the beta launcher, did some initial testing and it appears to have fixed the opening/saving problem, so well done. Also fyi, there are no spaces in the path. And several files and directories are created in the \settings directory such as .lock (?), \settings\user\autotext, \settings\user\config etc.

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