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Junk mail in the Thunderbird 2.0 alpha (a1)

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Junk mail in the Thunderbird 2.0 alpha (a1)

I was never able to get the junk filter features to work in the most recent (I believe) Thunderbird portable 2.0 alpha. I'm running this on an XP machine off a U3 drive.

I found that the Junk folder did not automatically create, leading to various efforts on my part to create one myself. I have the mozillaZine "Junk messages not moved" and followed the instructions (thank you), but the ability to automatically moved Junk mail items to the Junk folder never appeared. I reinstalled a couple of times.

So I'm back with the released product which works very well in this and other regards.

- katzunit

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It's an alpha

It's an alpha release, which means there will be bugs and it is *not* ready for everyday use. Unless you can confirm that this issue does not occur on the same box with a locally installed copy of Thunderbird 2.0a1, this is assumed to be a bug in Thunderbird itself.

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