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Audacity: Editing an mp3 file + exporting to .amr

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Audacity: Editing an mp3 file + exporting to .amr


I have no experience editing audio files. I would very much appreciate your help.

I'm using XP Pro.

I downloaded Audacity Portable version 2.0.1 from this site and extracted the files. I can open it and play music in it.

I located the section of the mp3 file I wanted to convert and read you're supposed to use the Zoom (magnifying glass) to somehow capture that section and then click Edit>Copy and then click File > New and save that track.

Well.. when I clicked on the mp3 file to listen to the song so I would know which section to grab now when I use the magnifying glass to go from 15 to 15 and 1/2 (I guess) it plays the song and then reverts all the way back to the very beginning of the song which is not in the area I wanted to grab.

So, I'm not sure the exact steps to grab the section I want in order to save it?

Once grabbed, how do I save it so I can name it before trying to export it?

Finally, it's my understanding I need to find the FFmpeg library to convert (export, save as) the portion of the track from mp3 to an .amr file?

Can you please share the direct link to that FFmpeg? Which files do I need to download and extract? Does it matter which directory on my hard drive I place those files?

That's the format my cell phone seems to use to play audio recordings.

Thank you very much.

P.S. I did not see an option when I wrote this post for activating the feature so I receive an e-mail when someone responds to my post. Can someone please share how I do that?

Thank you again.