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Need to Install LibreOffice under Program Files

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Need to Install LibreOffice under Program Files

As the subject mentions I need to install LibreOffice under the Program files directory on a windows XP machine.

I have read and realize that this has been disabled in the Installer and Launcher of the new LibreOffice.

My problem is I require the portable version of LibreOffice as I do not have admin rights on my machine so the portable version is great however it will not allow me to run LibreOffice under the Program Files dir. The reason this is an issue is because I need to also associate the .odt file extension with LibreOffice however it appears that on the computer I am using we are only allowed to choose programs that are under Program Files (I believe this would be a setting controlled via group policy by the admins).

I have been using OpenOffice portable and can install this under Program Files and associate the .odt file extension with it and all works fine however as I understand it this is no longer supported.

Is there a way to remove the restriction that the libreOffice Launcher applies so that I can run libreOffice from the Program Files dir (I have full r/w access to Program Files)


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what about using a portable file association program?

I know this isn't the answer you are after (and as I don't actually use any of the portable file association program I don't know if this is a practical solution), but

could you use one of the portable file association programs to set .odt files to use LibreOffice Portable (when LO portable is not installed in the Programs folder?)

The two portable file association programs that I can find are:


and the older


I believe that portable file association is planned to be included in PortableApps, but until then eXpresso is probably (?) the best choice for portable file association.

If you try this, good luck Smile

(and let us know if it worked?)

(or how it didn't?)

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