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Ubuntu One

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Ubuntu One

Hi guys,
I'm recently turning into a Linux nerd and would like to have someone make an Ubuntu One portable app. I'll most likely be using Ubuntu One for my future android phone and desktop if someone makes this app for the USB stick.

I know there are many other cloud related softwares but Ubuntu One is one of the newest releases and they seem quite promising so far and for the future.


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service by canonical

well ubuntu one is a service offered by canonical company to ubuntu users. Ununtu One is not any special selfcontained program, there are just few integrations to file managers in -buntu based distributions of linux.

The service is also rather tied to machines, as each ubuntu installation has to be registered separately.

Therefore I do not see how could someone use this portable on a windows PC so far.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

Ken Herbert
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As well as the integrated app

As well as the integrated app store for Ubuntu named Ubuntu One, there is also a DropBox-like app that has the same name which has a Windows build available. I think the OP is asking for the DropBox-like app.

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A side note

As a side note, the windows app has a pretty unconventional installer that:

1) Installs all the files to your hard disk (without asking you first), including the desktop shortcut. A system tray icon also appears.
2) It then asks you to agree with the license (which is GPL 3).
3) If you disagree, it asks you if you want to uninstall all the components (?!)
4) After uninstalling, it "offers" to restart windows.

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