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Something strange is happening if FFP

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Something strange is happening if FFP

Well before my iPod shuffle died (like two minutes ago) I was using Firefox Portable on it and I noticed something strange. When I was viewing both my themes and extensions the icon pictures where layering themselves when I scrolled up and down.

What I mean is that when I scrolled down the "icon" of the extension above would scroll down with making appear behind the current one I was viewing. And when I looked at it closely I noticed that I did for the one below it to. I was going to take a picture of it to show... but my shuffle died. So I almost USB flash driveless. Anyway yeah if anyone has exprienced this problem please tell me how to fix it.

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Corrupt Profile

Most likely, as your shuffle was dying, it was corrupting files. The behavior you mentioned I've only seen on Firefox running with a partially corrupt profile. (it happened to my local install once)

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