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Firehand Ember Free v7.3.1

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Firehand Ember Free v7.3.1

Program: Firehand Ember Free v7.3.1

License: Freeware unlimited (according to this website where it can be still downloaded:

Description: Picture viewing program similiar to Picassa BUT much more userfriednly and THE FASTEST ONE I EVER SAW (!!!) - it shows thumbs of pics IMMEDIATELY even if there is like 20 000 of them in one folder (ehm, like in my case).

Website: (now it is several years down cos its original developer died)

Other: Well, this SW is maybe - for some, maybe for most of you - quite old (2005) but it is a real gem + there is going a lot in the registry itself - I was able thinstalled it (just because I really using it a lot and also reinstalling my Win a lot too so it was a drag to set its parameters all the time I reinstall my OS and make image doesn't work cos I change them from time to time), but as someone else mentioned it in some else post in the forum Thinstalled apps do not work under Windos 7 (to which I am still more and more pushed by circumstances, ah!). So I am also using a lot of SW and they work absolutely OK under Win7 so I would like to ask: CAN PLEASE ANYONE LOOK AT THIS GEMM, PLEASE? Sad