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I am confused about how to get portable apps onto my USB and I have 3 questions.

Am I right in thinking that I can either download the Platform 10.1.2 and get all of the apps in one go. Or I can download the apps individually of the get apps pages. Is that correct?

If all of the above is correct and I am planning on downloading at least 30 of the apps am I best of downloading the all in one go using the Platform 10.1.2 ?

Is there a how to guide anywhere that would take me through it step by step?

Sorry if it sounds like i'm being stupid its just that I am new to the idea of portable apps.
Thanks in advance Smile

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You can get all the apps in
  1. You can get all the apps in one go with the platform, but you don't have to. You only need to select the ones you want.
  2. The platform is the easier way to install apps, but if you don't want to use the platform otherwise it isn't really necessary.
  3. No need for a guide. With the platform, click "Apps" on the right, then "Get More Apps". When the window opens, select the apps you want, then click next. There may be an app or two that you have to click to agree to a licence, but otherwise it will all happen fairly easily and unobtrusively.
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