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Tb 14.0 breaks also under Wine 1.2 and lower

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Tb 14.0 breaks also under Wine 1.2 and lower

dear friends,

with the Tb 14.0 it is the same situation since 12.0.1. i live now in venezuela and use portabeApps under linux and windows. with windows i have no problem.

but the infocentros, public computer centers, use linux with different distribution. debian direkt, ubuntu on debian, canaima on debian. since 12.0.1 all versions breaks.

we use wine 1.01, 1.2, 1.3. in all systems it is the same. wine 1.4 never i check. maybe, there is the problem.

have you some information about? and some tips, what we can do?

many greetings, willi uebelherr, merida/venezuela

John T. Haller
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Wine 1.4

Everyone should be using Wine 1.4 with these apps with newer UI setups (Firefox, Thunderbird, etc). Thunderbird Portable 14.0 works fine on Wine 1.4 under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

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