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Thumbnail Database Viewer

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Thumbnail Database Viewer

Program: Thumbnail Database Viewer

License: Freeware

Description: This program lets you view Thumbs.db files and the thumbnails it contains. You can extract the thumbnail from the file and also set an association between the program and *.db files. Very minimalistic and compact requiring just a single .exe and a single .dll. If you wish, I can create the required portable version but I'm sure you guys can produce a much more polished version a lot quicker than I can!


Ken Herbert
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I don't think it will happen.

They have some really good licence terms on the page for each app, but when you look on their Licencing page it completely contradicts the other terms and locks the apps down in a way that we can't legally make it portable.

  1. They specify that you cannot redistribute any of their apps without a commercial licence which directly contradicts each app's page. (Doesn't stop us making an online installer, yet).
  2. Their software can only be used on computers for which you are the primary user, or there is no primary user and your company owns the computer, or the computer is within your residence. This means you have to purchase a licence to use it on a public computer or any other computer not covered above.
  3. Lastly, it states that you need a commercial licence to embed it in or link it to another software package, which is what we do in the process of making it portable, whether an online installer or not.
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