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OT support request for 7-zip

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OT support request for 7-zip

Sry for this, but I can't find any /me -understandable information on the command-line switches for a backup-script I would like t use.

I want to backup everything in the directory "C:\directory" which has more sub-directories.
So I want to recursively backup everything into a .7z archive named with the date in its filename (like "2006-10-19-22-12h.7z"), and additionally backup only changed files into the archive "directory.7z".

It would be very nice if one of you could tell me how to do that!

Greets and thx in advance,

John T. Haller
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7-Zip site

You should head over to the 7-Zip site and ask in their forums. That's where you're most likely to get a solid answer.

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