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List of Open Source Game

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List of Open Source Game

Hi, I thinking for a long project that will take time and effort,
but it really be cool and I hope you like my Idea.

here a list of Open Source Game:
List of Open Source Game
I don't think it a full list, but it very close to that.

I think why not making every one of them (it they have binary for windows, and have the licences to do that) to make them Portable at format.

some of the games already done (some at official release and some at dev test)

I consider to add a row to that table and say if it had a to
the game on not, and if it dose, make a link to it here.

some of the games will never update but they are classical, like abuse!
i am will very happy to see that game will come alive here at

thank you for time reading this.