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Vista Specific Problems

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Vista Specific Problems

For years, portableapps and firefox has been such an amazing combination, I've been using it for years across linux and windows - working perfectly, and then oneday I had to use windows vista - crash bang!

My portable flash drive works perfectly on XP and linux, but not vista.

I launch from a batch file with a simple [firefox -P] command and then have a profile in a directory called [NuFox]
Out of habit, I always make my flash drive as [E:] So when I get to a windows machine I do this

E:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox\firefox.exe -P
And then choose my profile on


I'm guessing there's a vista permission issue here or something ...

when I launch from vista - it just loads a plain firefox, with no extensions ... it seems to be creating *another* blank profile inside the existing profile directory ... so what I get is



If you can work this out, you're a better person than me for sure!

John T. Haller
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That's Not Firefox Portable

We don't support Firefox itself, which is what you're using by calling it from a batch file (that's an unaltered copy of regular Firefox sitting in the App\firefox directory, nothing we do). You should be using the FirefoxPortable.exe launcher and have your profile within the Data subdirectory. We support that and it works just fine on Vista.

If you wish to run things as you're doing them, you have to use -profile and point it to the full path of your profile. Namely firefox.exe -profile "E:\NuFox". Note that we don't handle that setup, of course, and it will leave things behind on the local PC. Plus, some of your extensions will break as you move around and the drive letter changes.

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