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Newbie seeking help

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Newbie seeking help

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if I just repeated any topic, but I searched the forum, and haven't found any topic related to my issue.

Well, I'm trying to make a copy from my Thunderbird user profile to my Dropbox account. I have very, very little mail space (120M), which forces me to wipe my inbox clean frequently. So I wish to backup my emails to another place than my work desktop, so I can access it whenever and wherever I have Internet.

No, I can't forward any email automaticaly from my work email to another email account.

I created a sync task where I wish to copy my **.default folder from C:\Documents and Settings\\Dados de aplicativos\Thunderbird\Profiles\ to a Dropbox folder.

Is it supposed to take over 3h to copy a folder? It has 414M. Toucan didn't show any hint of progress in the task. I looked for permissions to access that folder and I have administrator privileges. Would MacAfee Viruscan Enterprise (yuck, hate that one) intefere with that task?

I'm using Toucan 3.0.4 on XP.

Thanks a lot for this program and for the attention, and If I missed any topic that would help me out, please point those out Smile